October 22, 2023

VentureBoard In Active Duty

VentureBoard is designed to bring chess to rugged conditions, with unpredictable interruptions and events. Probably no setting better puts this to the test than the US Army.

Staff Sergeant Christian Giraldo discovered VentureBoard in early 2023 and immediately saw a way to catch a quick game in any setting, a game he could roll up in an instant when necessity demanded.

“I love that I can take my games on the go and pause them at a moment’s notice; it’s especially convenient when I’m conducting field operations and have to abruptly halt a game to resume at a later time”

SSG Giraldo finds that the world’s oldest game of conquest even helps his decision-making in the field. “I usually use my VentureBoard during down time while conducting military operations to keep my mind sharp and actively engaged in strategy.”

VentureBoard’s ability to keep the game saved for hours is especially handy when you don’t know when your next break is. “I started a game and had to pause it, so I rolled it up. But I surprised my opponent when, hours later, I unrolled it to continue; he didn’t know it kept the game in place, and was a little upset since I’d been winning”

SSG Giraldo also loves to travel and hike, and enjoys bringing his VentureBoard in these more relaxed settings too. 

VentureBoard is an ultra-portable magnetic chess set that rolls up to the size of a small water bottle and saves your game at any point. More information on our main page.