travel chess set

The World's Best Travel Chess Set

Play chess anywhere. Roll your game up anytime. Pieces stay in place.

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Start. Pause. Resume. Repeat.

Start. Pause. Resume. Repeat.

Save your game anytime, instantly. A quick flick of the wrist will lock your game safely in a magnetically sealed compartment. You can pick up where you left off whenever and wherever you like.

Travel Chess set

Designed for Adventure

Drop it. Shake it. Roll it up mid-game. VentureBoard fits in a cup-holder and is the most travel friendly chess board ever created. Sturdy magnets on every piece keep your game right where you left it. 

travel chess set folded up and put in a backpack

Fits in a Cupholder

With a 3 inch diameter and only 6 inches long when rolled, VentureBoard easily fits in a cupholder, bag, or purse.

playing with travel chess set at lake


A chess set that's ready to roll
a magnetic chess set used for checkers too

Chess... and Checkers!

VentureBoard's strongly magnetized pieces stack, so you can play checkers on the go when you're all chessed out.

Adventures with VentureBoard

Chess Built for You